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Powerful Domain Name System
In Kenya

[{"name":"Nairobi, Kenya","long":"36.820030","lat":"-1.285790","country":"KE","result":""},{"name":"New York, USA","long":"-74.005974","lat":"40.712776","country":"US","result":""},{"name":"Athens, Greece","long":"23.727539","lat":"37.983810","country":"GR","result":""},{"name":"Taiwan, China","long":"-4.515800","lat":"36.672150","country":"CN","result":""},{"name":"Paris, France","long":"2.352222","lat":"48.856613","country":"FR","result":""},{"name":"Lagos, Nigeria","long":"3.406448","lat":"6.465422","country":"NG","result":""},{"name":"Sao Pedro, Brazil","long":"-47.961410","lat":"-22.530255","country":"BR","result":""},{"name":"Vancouver, Canada","long":"-123.116226","lat":"49.246292","country":"CA","result":""},{"name":"Moscow , Russia","long":"37.617664","lat":"55.752121","country":"RU","result":""}]
{"primary_color":"#2373be","enable_dark_mode":null,"dark_mode_color":"#111111","timeout":"5","custom_css":".global_dns_input form span.expected-icon {\r\n height: 10%;\r\n display: block;\r\n}\r\n#global-dns-type {\r\n line-height: initial;\r\n background-position: right 1px bottom 50%;\r\n padding-left: 10px !important;\r\n}\r\n#global-dns-input {\r\n margin-bottom: 1em;\r\n}","siteurl":"https:\/\/","pluginurl":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/plugins\/global-dns\/public\/"}
  • Ke Nairobi, Kenya
  • Us New York, USA
  • Gr Athens, Greece
  • Cn Taiwan, China
  • Fr Paris, France
  • Ng Lagos, Nigeria
  • Br Sao Pedro, Brazil
  • Ca Vancouver, Canada
  • Ru Moscow , Russia
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What are DNS Records

DNS records, also known as Domain Name System records, are a set of instructions that map a domain name to its corresponding IP address. They are used by the DNS system to translate domain names into numerical IP addresses that computers can understand.

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PHP Version Control

LiteSpeed WordPress

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions regarding HostGuru's WordPress hosting? Be at ease. We control them!
Here is our best guidance on how to begin using WordPress hosting and determine which plan is appropriate for you.
Also, we'll discuss the advantages of utilizing WordPress, the costs associated with running a site, and how HostGuru and WordPress work together to help you achieve your web objectives more quickly.

WordPress hosting refers to hosting specifically optimized for WordPress websites. It typically includes features such as pre-installed WordPress software, automatic updates, and WordPress-specific support.

WordPress hosting can offer several benefits, including faster page load times, better security, automatic updates, and specialized WordPress support.
It is compatible with any web server, including LiteSpeed, a top performer in web server speed and optimization.

When choosing a WordPress hosting provider, consider factors such as pricing, performance, security, customer support, and ease of use. Look for a provider that specializes in WordPress hosting and offers features tailored to WordPress websites.
Because you don't have to worry about technical adjustments, update management, server security, or server optimization, it is the best website hosting option for WordPress sites. Choosing a dependable hosting service will allow you to concentrate on developing your content strategy and increasing traffic.

Because managed WordPress hosting does not necessitate any technical knowledge, it is ideal for both beginners and developers looking for a secure and optimized environment for their online projects.

While WordPress hosting is optimized for WordPress websites, it is still possible to host non-WordPress websites on a WordPress hosting plan. However, it may not offer the same level of optimization and features as a non-WordPress-specific hosting plan.
A standard web hosting plan allows you to install a variety of CMSs, including WordPress. As a result, multiple sites can be hosted using different website-building platforms.

However, standard hosting does not include the unique benefits of WordPress hosting, such as speed optimization, security features, and WordPress-specific customer support.

WordPress hosting plans can vary widely in terms of features and pricing. Some common types of WordPress hosting plans include shared hosting, managed hosting, and dedicated hosting.
At HostGuru, we aim to make our platform as welcoming as possible, for everyone. We’ve handled plenty of site migrations to our platform and we’ll do plenty more.

Shared WordPress hosting typically involves sharing server resources with other websites, while managed WordPress hosting offers a more specialized and optimized hosting environment. Managed hosting plans may include features such as automatic backups, security scans, and WordPress-specific support.

Shared hosting is a type of web hosting service where multiple websites are hosted on a single physical server. Each website on the server shares the server resources such as CPU, memory, and disk space.

Shared hosting is different from other types of hosting such as VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated hosting, in which the server resources are dedicated to a single website. Shared hosting is generally less expensive than VPS or dedicated hosting, but may have more limited resources and less flexibility.

The main advantages of shared hosting are its affordability and ease of use. Shared hosting plans are typically much less expensive than VPS or dedicated hosting plans, and are often designed for beginners who don't have a lot of technical expertise. Shared hosting also usually comes with a user-friendly control panel that makes it easy to manage your website.

The main disadvantages of shared hosting are its limited resources and potential for security issues. Because multiple websites are hosted on the same server, the resources (such as CPU, memory, and disk space) are shared among all the websites. This means that if one website experiences a sudden spike in traffic, it can affect the performance of all the other websites on the same server. Additionally, because all the websites are on the same server, there is a greater risk of security issues such as malware or hacking affecting multiple websites at once.

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